Managing Kubernetes Cost and Performance with NGINX and Kubecost


Kubecost and NGINX have recently partnered together to provide a more comprehensive solution for managing cost and performance when deploying Kubernetes. The Kubecost platform helps organizations optimize and monitor their Kubernetes costs, while NGINX is a leading open source software web server, reverse proxy, and Ingress controller. Together, they offer a powerful combination of cost optimization and application delivery capabilities, enabling you to gain greater visibility into your Kubernetes environments and achieve better performance and efficiency.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Best practices for using best-in-class tools from NGINX and Kubecost that are deployed in thousands of clusters

How to identify the applications responsible for egress data costs in cloud networks


How to simplify and secure your ingress using NGINX Service Mesh and NGINX Ingress Controller

About the real costs of running NGINX versus cloud providers' built-in load balancers, with evidence from Kubecost


Jesse Goodier

Jesse Goodier
Lead Solutions Engineer, Kubecost

Damian Curry

Damian Curry
Community & Alliances Technical Director