Maximize PHP Performance with NGINX


Is your PHP app slowing to a crawl? PHP is a powerful programming language that powers roughly 80% of the Internet, but it’s unfortunately subject to performance problems – as we all know. Luckily, for thousands of PHP‑based applications, some relatively simple changes can lead to noticeable improvements in performance.

NGINX has greatly improved application performance for more than 150 million sites in production today. Using NGINX greatly improves the performance of PHP apps with features such as caching, load balancing, HTTP/2 support, and more, included in NGINX Open Source and our commercial‑grade application delivery platform NGINX Plus.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

When PHP 7 will help your PHP applications, and how to upgrade to it

How caching content with NGINX for even a short interval can drastically improve app performance

Tips for converting Apache configurations to equivalent NGINX configurations

How to safely scale out your site utilizing the advanced functionality in NGINX Plus


Faisal Memon

Faisal Memon
Software Engineer

Floyd Smith

Floyd Smith
Director of Content Marketing