How to Modernize your Application Strategy in a COVID-era


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Applications are so central to how we live, work, and interact that the technologies used to deliver those apps and protect application security have become essential to business growth. That’s why an application strategy is now a crucial component of any successful business strategy.

The global COVID-19 crisis vastly accelerated digital transformation toward more automated, integrated, and AI-assisted business. The explosion in our use of digital tools—and the ramifications for managing and securing those tools—are reflected in our 2021 State of Application Strategy Report.

Join us in this lively webinar as we dive into the report findings and highlight the significant difference we found between global and Asia Pacific when it comes to modernizing an application strategy in a COVID-era.

Key webinar highlights include:

  • Research findings on 2021 State of Application Strategy Report
  • Key technology trends across Asia Pacific
  • Common challenges Asia Pacific organizations faced due to rapid digital transformation


Cindy Borovick
Market and Competitive Strategy Lead


Keiichiro Nozaki
Senior Marketing Evangelist, Asia Pacific, China & Japan