Monitoring NGINX Deployments with Sumo Logic


With the current rise in modern web applications, the engineering teams responsible for application availability, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction are challenged with monitoring, diagnosing, and troubleshooting increasingly complex environments faster than ever.

With the release of Sumo Logic’s two new NGINX Plus apps for the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform, it’s now easier than ever to comprehensively collect, analyze, alert, and respond to events, visitor patterns, anomalous behavior, and potential security incidents across your NGINX Plus and NGINX Plus-based NGINX Ingress Controller instances before the customer is impacted.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

How to comprehensively collect and analyze NGINX Plus and NGINX Ingress Controller logs, metrics, errors, and statistical outliers from complex deployments on any underlying platform or infrastructure

About the importance of tracking visitor patterns and identifying anomalous behaviors and errors before they impact your customers

How to correlate logs and metrics from NGINX and your underlying Kubernetes deployment to diagnose issues for various parts of your infrastructure

About optimizing the performance and reliability of your NGINX deployments using insights collected from the NGINX Plus API and Sumo Logic’s Global Intelligence for NGINX app


Drew Horn

Drew Horn
Technical Director of Business Development, Sumo Logic

Damian Curry

Damian Curry
Community & Alliances Technical Director