NGINX ASEAN User Group Virtual Meetup

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NGINX ASEAN Users congregate! Join us for this virtual meetup to learn about underlying technologies of microservices, explore a new program that recognises your DevOps-super powers, and ask NGINX experts your most pressing questions on building modern apps.


Microservices 101: Namespaces, cgroups, and containers
Speaker: Scott van Kalken, DevOps Solutions Architect and Open Source Evangelist at NGINX (Part of F5)

There is no room for argument that modern applications are running with microservices as the engine “under the hood”, making sure that every individual part, for a specific service, is working to make the whole application work the way it should, at a speed that users are expecting it to. In this virtual session, SvK will cover 3 basic but essential underlying technologies of microservices: containers, namespaces, and cgroups. In this session, we will cover:

  • How containers work under the covers
  • Why should you care about namespaces
  • How cgroups can help you gain control of multiple processes running in a container
  • Demo of how NGINX Unit’s Isolation Application Object creates namespaces and cgroups
  • Demo on JSP/servlet migration from Tomcat to NGINX Unit


ASEAN NGINX Super User Program Kick-Off
Speaker: Michael Cheo, Solutions Architect at NGINX (Part of F5)

There are NGINX users…and there are NGINX SUPER USERS. Which are you?

NGINX Super Users are people around the world who are passionate about creating solutions using NGINX in the heart of their web and application development projects, and often showcase their knowledge and expertise by helping the community and sharing first-hand experiences. Michael will tell you the what, where, and how-to-be recognised for your super DevOps NGINX powers. He will also answer questions you may have on anything NGINX-related.



Michael Cheo
Solutions Architect,


Scott van Kalken
DevOps Solutions Architect and
Open Source Evangelist