NGINX Basics: Ask Me Anything


Are you familiar with NGINX? Do you want to know how you can use NGINX more effectively in your current technology stack? Join this NGINX Basics webinar to ask our experts, Floyd Smith and Faisal Memon, anything you want about NGINX.

Our presenters address every on‑topic question, including load‑balancing algorithms, integration with Kubernetes, microservices deployment monitoring solutions, and clustering NGINX for high availability (HA).

Join this NGINX Basics webinar to ask Floyd and Faisal anything about NGINX!

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

The answers to your questions on NGINX

About how others use NGINX and NGINX Plus

About common application delivery design patterns

Key insights from the presenters' more than 20 years of industry experience


Floyd Smith

Floyd Smith
Director of Content Marketing

Faisal Memon

Faisal Memon
Software Engineer