NGINX: HTTP/2 Server Push and gRPC - EMEA


You asked, and we responded. NGINX now supports both HTTP/2 server push and gRPC proxying. HTTP/2 server push can help improve performance by sending client resources, such as CSS and JavaScript files, before they're requested, which has the effect of pre‑loading them into the browser's cache. gRPC is Google’s open source remote procedure call system that uses HTTP/2 as its transport layer and is being adopted widely, including in service mesh architectures.

In this webinar we discuss how to use NGINX for both HTTP/2 server push and for proxying gRPC traffic.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

About NGINX HTTP/2 support

How to use HTTP/2 server push with NGINX

How to proxy gRPC traffic using NGINX

How to configure both features, with live demonstrations


Owen Garrett

Owen Garrett
Sr. Director, Product Management

Liam Crilly

Liam Crilly
Sr Director, Product Management