Reduce IT Spend with Software Load Balancing


A number of our customers have replaced leading hardware application delivery controller (ADC) appliances with NGINX Plus and reported cost savings of over 80%. Other massive web properties have found that NGINX Plus and other software ADCs meet or exceed the performance they need for their workloads while significantly reducing cost.

Moving to software application delivery with NGINX Plus not only saves you money, but unlocks flexibility you can’t get with hardware appliances. NGINX Plus is architected to run at peak performance anywhere to support today’s hybrid environments – on bare metal servers, on VMs in public or private clouds, or in containers.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Why the ADC market is moving to software

About the benefits of software application delivery with NGINX Plus

How NGINX Plus can reduce costs by over 80% when compared to hardware ADCs

Who has moved to NGINX Plus and saved money


Faisal Memon

Faisal Memon
Software Engineer

Floyd Smith

Floyd Smith
Director of Content Marketing