Secure Your Kubernetes Apps from Attacks with NGINX


With more and more organizations conducting business with their customers online, web applications remain the top attack target for cybercriminals. It’s easy to see why – they are often complex, composed of microservices, and spanning distributed environments, increasing the number of endpoints vulnerable to exploitation. It is no surprise that OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross‑site scripting (XSS) remain popular cyberattacks. You need to strengthen security for your containerized apps deployed in Kubernetes by adding a WAF to NGINX Ingress Controller.

In this webinar we look at the cost of a typical application hack and why traditional WAFs don’t work for today’s modern applications. We conclude with a demo that showcases how by combining NGINX Ingress Controller with NGINX App Protect WAF you can protect your apps against common vulnerabilities, create granular policies for app services, and make your Kubernetes clusters a safer place to run your apps.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

Why web applications are the top attack target for cybercriminals

How adding a WAF to NGINX Ingress Controller builds stronger app security for your Kubernetes clusters

How to create granular WAF security policies for multiple application services

The answers to your NGINX App Protect WAF and Kubernetes deployment questions in a Q&A session with the experts


Thelen Blum

Thelen Blum
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NGINX App Protect

Amir Rawdat

Amir Rawdat
Solutions Engineer