Streaming Media Delivery with NGINX Plus


NGINX Plus streams all popular video formats – including Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, DASH, MP4, and RTMP – quickly and reliably regardless of volume. Its simple configuration, powerful features, and bandwidth controls make NGINX Plus the right solution for delivering your video content, whether it's stored on‑premises or in the cloud. This webinar discusses and compares approaches to delivering video cost‑effectively and reliably.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

How to stream Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, DASH, MP4, and RTMP with NGINX Plus

When to use powerful NGINX Plus features like bandwidth controls

How to convert RTMP streams into HDS, HLS, and other formats

Why NGINX Plus is the right choice for streaming media whether on‑prem or in the cloud


Rick Nelson

Rick Nelson
RVP, Solution Engineering