Unlock Business Growth with Microservices

Hear three expert perspectives on the benefits of modern app delivery and how you can avoid – or at least mitigate – many of the complexities.


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About the business and technical benefits of adopting microservices technologies

How microservices can vastly improve user experience

Tips for overcoming microservices management and application development challenges

How NGINX customers have successfully adopted microservices

About the webinar:

In today’s business climate, digital transformation has become necessary both to survive and to unlock future agile operations, efficiencies, and revenue streams. Microservices architectures – which generally make use of containers and Kubernetes – fuel business growth and innovation by reducing time to market for digital experiences. Whether alongside traditional architectures or on their own, modern app technologies enable superior scalability and flexibility, faster deployments, and even cost savings. But they come with challenges around culture, complexity, and security that can make them difficult to implement.

In this panel discussion, moderated by Chief Ambassador of the DevOps Institute Helen Beal, you’ll hear three perspectives on the benefits of microservices and how you can avoid – or at least mitigate – many of the complexities. Panelists include: 

  • Datadog Product Manager for Containers and Orchestration, Yair Cohen
  • NGINX Microservices Product Marketer, Jenn Gile
  • African Bank Technical Architect, Fintan Wilson




Helen Beal
Chief Ambassador
The DevOps Institute


Jenn Gile
Manager, Product Marketing for NGINX


Yair Cohen
Product Manager for Containers and Orchestration


Fintan Wilson
Technical Architect
African Bank