What's New with NGINX Instance Manager?


We designed NGINX Instance Manager to help app developers and DevOps teams track, configure, and monitor NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus instances at scale. We continue to add features to make life simpler for DevOps and app dev teams.

Join this webinar to learn about new capabilities we have introduced to simplify NGINX upkeep and maintenance even further with tagging and certificate management. The webinar includes a demo of NGINX Instance Manager in action.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

About using NGINX Instance Manager to automatically discover all NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus instances in your enterprise

How find and replace expiring certificates before outages occur

About using tags to group NGINX instances for easier management

How to integrate NGINX Instance Manager with popular tools such as Grafana and Visual Studio Code


Tom Gamull

Tom Gamull
Product Manager

Karthik Krishnaswamy

Karthik Krishnaswamy
Director, Product Marketing for NGINX