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F5 Joins the New AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Program

July 8, 2015 – F5 announced today its participation in the newly formed AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner program from Amazon Web Services (AWS). This program is designed to provide AWS Marketplace customers with a selection of approved partners for selected software vendors with listings in AWS Marketplace. Currently, customers of F5 in AWS Marketplace benefit from the flexibility and scalability achieved when deploying application workloads on the AWS Cloud, plus the ability to maintain a unified F5 platform that standardizes network services so policies governing an application service on-premises stay with it when moved to the cloud. By participating in the AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner program, F5 customers can take advantage of a simplified way to find and engage partners who have both F5 and AWS Marketplace expertise in managing cloud migrations.

“F5 and AWS are great options for customers leveraging the benefits of moving their applications to the cloud. The AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner program takes this to the next level by facilitating connections between customers and pre-vetted partners of both F5 and AWS,” said Brian Pickering, regional vice president, cloud sales at F5. “Customers know they’re being referred to a partner who has the necessary skills to deploy, configure, and optimize F5 for an AWS environment. This program also gives our partners a direct connection for expanding their cloud business on AWS.”

When a customer purchases F5 solutions via AWS Marketplace, a new simple filter option helps them more quickly identify additional resources to optimize and manage applications on the AWS Cloud and provides SI contact information for the buyer to initiate a referral process.

“Optimizing the customer outcome on AWS Marketplace is always a priority for us, and the new AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner program facilitates quick and easy access to trusted experts who assist customers in deploying networking workloads on the AWS Cloud,” said Dave McCann, vice president, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “There is strong demand for the application delivery services provided by F5 in the AWS Marketplace, and we are pleased to include F5 and its partners in this launch. Over time, we anticipate the new model in cloud procurement will make consulting firms visible to the buyer at the time of purchase to ease procurement of add-on services.”

To learn more about the AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner program please visit: http://aws.amazon.com/partners/marketplace-consulting