F5 DNS Cloud Service Privacy Statement

Published on: 1 July 2020


The F5 DNS Cloud Service (the “Service”) provides secondary authoritative DNS service.

This Privacy Statement applies to the customer data that F5 processes through the Services.

Roles of the Parties

Under the data protection laws of the EU and similar jurisdictions, F5 is a processor of the customer data, and the customer is (or acts on behalf of) a controller of such data, to the extent it contains personal data. 

Personal Data Processed by the Service

To use the Service, the customer sends information from network traffic headers to the Service.  Some of this information may contain personal data (such as the IP address of a user of the customer’s application).  The network traffic payloads (content) are not received or otherwise processed by the Service.

When F5 provides support or maintenance for this Service, F5 may access the same sort of data described above.

Processing of the Personal Data

The Service reviews the traffic header information, responds to the customer with a network routing recommendation, and logs the event for later review by the customer.

More Information

To exercise your rights with respect to the customer data that F5 processes when providing the Service to a customer, please contact that customer. For more information about F5’s privacy practices, please see the F5 Privacy Notice.