F5 Distributed Cloud Data Intelligence Privacy Statement

Published: 24 April 2022
Last Updated on: January 5, 2023


F5 Data Intelligence (the “Service”) creates signals for online fraud analysis. This Privacy Statement applies to the customer data that the Service uses.

This Privacy Statement applies to the data that the Service collects.

Roles of the Parties

Under the data protection laws of the EU and similar jurisdictions, F5 is a processor of the data about the customer’s users, and the customer is (or acts on behalf of) a controller of such data, to the extent it contains personal data.

Personal Data Collected by the Service

The Service uses JavaScript and other technical means to process the following information about users of the customer’s online properties:

  • Current IP address and pseudorandomly generated UUID of the device that is using the customer’s online property;
  • Data about the user’s browser or device;
  • Data about the user’s interaction with the browser or device; and
  • A customer-assigned or F5-assigned reference number for communicating with the customer about the interaction.

Processing of the Personal Data

The Service analyzes those data points and provides the customer with a group of outputs that the customer can use to assess the interaction for fraud. These include observations about the user’s browser or device and about the user’s interactions with it. Outside of the Service, the customer can (i) consider these outputs with other data the customer independently collects about the user and about the interaction and (ii) decide what action to take (such as to block the transaction, allow the transaction, or take additional steps to investigate the transaction).

What to Do If Your Access to an Online Property Has Been Blocked

If you believe that the Service has been used as an input for an F5 customer’s decision to improperly block or restrict your access to their online property, please contact that customer to request restoration of your access.

More Information

To exercise your rights with respect to the customer data that F5 processes when providing the Service to a customer, please contact that customer. For more information about F5’s privacy practices, please see the F5 Privacy Notice.