What is Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)?

TLS and SSL are the standard protocols used for securing stream-based TCP Internet traffic. DTLS is a protocol based on TLS that is capable of securing the datagram transport. DTLS is well-suited for securing applications and services that are delay-sensitive (and hence use datagram transport), tunneling applications such as VPNs, and applications that tend to run out of file descriptors or socket buffers.

F5 BIG-IP APM offers DTLS support that provides security for remote connections and accelerates performance for multiple applications and services. Combining secure access control and optimization for multiple protocols and application types onto a single platform minimizes risk and consolidates infrastructure while ensuring Quality of Service (QoS), particularly for delay-sensitive services such as VoIP.

F5 products that support DTLS:
  • BIG-IP Access Policy Manager