F5 technologies help our customers deliver applications and data with greater agility, security, availability, performance, and scalability.

The Technologies Behind F5 Solutions

F5 products and the platforms they run on ensure your apps are fast, secure, and available—anywhere on any device.


Automate and Save Time: A powerful set of features, iApps speeds deployment and streamlines operations by giving you a holistic, application-centric view of how applications are managed and delivered.


The Genius Behind BIG-IP: The underlying shared product platform for BIG-IP products that create a unified pool of highly scalable, resistant, and reusable services. Highly versatile open API's give you complete control and flexibility.


Custom Scripting: F5's event driven scripting language, iRules, gives you unprecedented flexibility and control to manipulate IP application traffic and customize the functionality of the BIG-IP system.


Device Configuration: iCall is our Tcl-based scripting framework for configuring your F5 devices without affecting traffic directly inline. iCall allows you automate responses, manipulate network services and adjust load balancing weights in real-time.

iControl LX

Programmable Extensibility Layer: iControl LX provides the foundation for F5’s programmable extensibility layer, enabling users to extend and create fundamentally new platform capabilities via Node.js.


A Diagnostic Tool for BIG-IP: iHealth enables you to verify the proper operation of your BIG-IP system. The customized diagnostic information enables you to take the recommended action, and in many cases, help you resolve common configuration issues without F5 Technical Support.

iControl REST

Integration At Your Fingertips: iControl REST is our RESTful API that allows complete, dynamic, programmatic control of F5 configuration objects.

Automation and Orchestration

Automating and orchestrating IT processes can result in great initial gains in agility and operational efficiency. The next step in the process is ensuring that those gains are sustainable. F5 fully supports our powerful automation solutions—which are designed to be sustainable over the long term.


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