What is Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)?

IPv6 (Internet protocol version 6) is the next upgrade to the Internet protocol IPv4, the more typical form of IP networking that we think of today. (IPv4, for example, uses four values for an IP address, such as IPv6 is designed to provide a much greater number of available addresses for networked devices, enough for every cell phone and mobile electronic device in the world to have its own unique address. The protocol will also provide enhanced security for each device.

The F5 IPv6 Gateway allows enterprises to handle the migration to IPv6 in a straightforward way while simultaneously supporting the current generation of IPv4 devices as well as emerging IPv6 devices. The F5 IPv6 Gateway installs as a feature module on the F5 BIG-IP®product family.

F5 products that handle IPv6: IPv6 Gateway Module for the BIG-IP product family


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