Fast Track to the 5G Edge


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As more service providers move toward 5G, they need a scalable, secure, cloud-native infrastructure that they, and their customers, can rely on. The standalone 5G Core eliminates the hardware-centric, centralized architectures of the past and embraces a cloud-native, distributed infrastructure for building and operating networks. The approach uses microservices, running on a service-based, containerized architecture that enables service delivery all the way to the far edge of the network. This creates the faster, more reliable network performance that customers demand.

5g ebook

What you’ll learn from this 5G Edge eBook:

How to successfully implement the network foundation by using cloud-native infrastructure running container-based microservices on a service based-architecture.

What the specific requirements are for a successful cloud-native deployment.

Why service providers should choose cloud platforms that provide visibility, support high capacity, and scalability.[1]


[1] “Cloud Native networking for a 5G era” report, ABI Research, (March 2020), page 13 https://www.abiresearch.com/blogs/2020/04/06/cloud-native-networking-5g-era/