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As they transition to 5G, more mobile service providers are embracing network function virtualization (NFV). NFV empowers mobile networks to operate more like the cloud, scaling with growth and adapting to demand.

Yet many companies are still using multiple vendors to create this platform, which can be challenging and expensive to manage. The answer: A “best-of-suite” solution from one provider to simplify service delivery and save on operational costs.

Optimize Your Network with Best-of-Suite NFV Solutions

In this NFV eBook, you’ll:

Learn why 60% of service providers consider applying consistent security policies across all apps to be their biggest challenge.[1]

Find out how multiple virtual machines introduce latency that can make the network less responsive and undermine one of the key benefits of 5G—highly responsive connectivity.

Learn how flexibility and adaptability are crucial as networks support an array of applications including more Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

Discover why streamlined, reliable “best-of-suite” solutions might outperform “best-of-breed” ones.


[1] F5 Networks, Inc., 2020 State of Applications Services Report