Introducing F5 Device ID+


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Strengthen Your Online Experiences with F5 Device ID+

F5 Device ID+ enables you to more effectively monitor customer behavior and optimize the online experiences you deliver.

F5 Device ID+ is a real-time device identifier that utilizes advanced signal collection and machine learning algorithms to assign a unique identifier to each device visiting your site—enhancing user experiences and preventing fraud in the process.

The best part? F5 Device ID+ is available for free to F5 customers.

F5 Device ID+ can help you:

  • Strengthen application security by detecting or blocking known bad devices
  • Optimize traffic management and know more about every device interaction
  • Mitigate fraud and risk by looking at high velocity devices and device interactions 
  • Personalize and accelerate online experiences for known devices

Deploying F5 Device ID+ is fast and simple with pre-built integrations for Shape and F5 customers or it can be deployed by adding a JavaScript tag to your website.