Financial Fraud Rising: Key Strategies to Prevent Sophisticated Account Takeover Attacks


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Learn New Strategies to Combat Online Fraud

Today, most fraud losses are the result of complex organized crime rings. So how can businesses fight back? In a report commissioned by F5, Aite Group interviewed risk executives at financial institutions, fintech lenders, and e-commerce companies to learn how they are protecting themselves from the escalating volume of account takeover (ATO) attacks.

Among the takeaways:

  • Most consumers use the same handful of usernames and passwords across websites, creating a vulnerability exploited by organized crime rings.
  • Increases in digital commerce has expanded the threat surface, making detection and mitigation more complex.
  • Organizations need a solution that leverages real-time data analytics to block malicious activity before it affects the business.
  • Firms with robust defenses will see attack volume decrease as criminals focus their attacks on easier targets.

Prevent Attacks That Start with Bots and Evolve into Fraud

Bot defense

Prevent sophisticated, human-emulating automation and retooling

Authentication intelligence

Securely reduce friction to improve customer experience

Account protection

Monitor every transaction for signs of fraud or risky behavior

Deploy to fit your needs

F5 Distributed Cloud security solutions fits into your existing infrastructure

F5 Distributed Cloud Services in Action

Learn how F5 Distributed Cloud security solutions have defeated account hijackers and saved tens of millions of dollars for customers.

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