Protect Your 4G Investment with Your 5G Deployment Strategy


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The popular perception is that the roll-out of 5G in Europe has been slowed by geopolitical wrangling, nationally-fragmented markets, delayed spectrum auctions and the over-burdened balance sheets of many of the region’s telcos. There is much truth in all of this. However, the picture generated by this survey suggests that in the transition to 5G, Europe is neither leading the world, nor lagging behind it. In terms of real-world deployments at least, MNOs in the region currently sit in the middle of the spectrum.

Download the IDG Analyst Report: The State of 5G in 2021, European Edition

What you will learn:

  • Optimal deployment strategies and timelines
  • How to protect your 4G service during the transition
  • Vendor and platform strategies, including vertical or horizontal stack, edge strategy, and more
  • How to overcome the biggest challenges