Free Threat Assessment: See How Fraudsters Target Your Apps

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Thank you for your submission. We will contact you within two business days about your qualification status for a free threat assessment. To quality for our in-depth threat assessment, you must have both a B2C application with online user accounts that contain perceived value and enterprise-level traffic volume.

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What’s included in the threat assessment?

Learn how attackers target your applications to defraud your customers.

F5 safeguards the world’s largest brands from both automated and manually driven fraud and abuse, so our experts understand how the most sophisticated fraudsters can target your web and mobile applications.

For your assessment, our automation and fraud experts, led by Dan Woods, will study your web and mobile applications and provide you with a summary of how attackers can target them with automated attacks or manually driven attempts to commit fraud.

Your free threat assessment will include:

  • Review of your attack surfaces: We will identify which of your public-facing applications are likely to be targeted by bots
  • Explanation of attacker methods: You will understand attackers’ objectives when they launch automated attacks against your applications
  • Reveal vulnerable information already out there: We will share information from the deep/dark web, including proof of bots that are accessing your applications and attackers’ use of your customers’ digital fingerprints, if any.
  • Recommended next steps: We will provide professional guidance for gaining more visibility and help quantify automated and manual attacks targeting your applications.

See an example threat assessment.

*To qualify, your company must have a B2C application, with user accounts containing perceived value and enterprise-level traffic volume.

Prevent Attacks That Start with Bots and Evolve into Fraud

Bot defense

Prevent sophisticated, human-emulating automation and retooling

Authentication intelligence

Securely reduce friction to improve customer experience

Account protection

Monitor every transaction for signs of fraud or risky behavior

Deploy to fit your needs

F5 Distributed Cloud Services fits into your existing infrastructure

F5 Distributed Cloud Services in Action

Learn how F5 Distributed Cloud Services have defeated account hijackers and saved tens of millions of dollars for customers.

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