The State of Digital Transformation in Government 2021

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COVID-19 has increased focus on digital transformation in government and social services and accelerated its progress. Improving customer and employee experiences and products and services has taken center stage, with increased investments in business agility.

Find out the key transformation drivers that promote innovation and operational efficiency—and deepen connections with customers and employees. This Forrester infographic highlights insights from global purchasers in government, education, and social services. 

See the infographic to learn:

Technology initiatives government IT orgs will prioritize over the next 12 months.

Stack ranked objectives that are key drivers in digital transformation strategies.

How government focus on digital transformation differs from other industries.

Infographic: Top 3 Public Sector Application Modernization Trends

Most organizations, including those in the public sector, find their application portfolio weighed down over time by aging legacy apps. Tight budgets, growing cybersecurity concerns, and the challenge of maintaining legacy applications and infrastructures are overloading traditional IT resources in agencies.

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