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F5 and Cisco, together deliver the automation, visibility, performance, scale, open environment and security customers need today to deliver application deployment at the speed of business.


Cisco ACI and F5 BIG-IP / F5 iWorkflow Integration

F5 and Cisco have partnered to deliver the full-stack, end-to-end software defined networking (SDN) by delivering policy-driven automation that accelerates infrastructure and application deployment. By integrating the F5 BIG-IP platform, Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™), and the F5 iWorkflow virtual appliance, the two companies offer a market-leading SDN solution that provides automation and orchestration up and down the stack—from layer 2 through layer 7.

Private Cloud Solution Package for Cisco Networking

Our Private Cloud Solution Package for Cisco Networking is made up of deployment scenarios that have been validated, certified, and documented by Cisco and F5. The scenarios include:

Cisco ACI Service Manager Mode (Managed)—Maintain L2–7 automation while providing operational flexibility with native management consoles by integrating iWorkflow with APIC in Service Manager Mode.

Cisco ACI Network Policy Mode (Unmanaged)—Gives the networking administrator the flexibility to only configure the provider and consumer VLANs through the APIC management console. At the same time, lets the application administrator orchestrate the F5 L4–7 polices via Ansible playbooks.

Cisco 9000 NX-OS (Standalone)—Allows for BIG-IP configuration of L4–7 polices in a Cisco Nexus standalone environment. The application administrator can also orchestrator the F5 L4–7 polices using Ansible playbooks.

Next-Generation IPS

F5 and Cisco Sourcefire have jointly developed a next-generation deployment architecture that helps customers address the risks associated with common vulnerabilities by securing critical networks and applications while maintaining optimal performance. The integrated solution offers SSL visibility and intelligent traffic management while allowing the Cisco Sourcefire Next-Generation IPS to block malware and attempts to exploit system vulnerabilities. This remediation capability leverages the intelligence and programmability of BIG-IP to optimize the IPS infrastructure, enabling organizations to realize the full value of their Next-Generation IPS investment.

Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) and F5 NFV

F5 and Cisco partner to offer service providers a single solution that lowers network operations costs and accelerates time to market. The solution, made up of Cisco Network Service Orchestration (NSO), enabled by tail-f and integrated with F5 Network function virtualization (NFV), simplifies the development and deployment of Layers 2 through 7. The end result: higher performance and faster application deployment across multiple networks. 

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