F5 + Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partner Integration

The F5 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) partnership enables seamless delivery of e-commerce security by protecting against unwanted bots and fraud.

Use Cases

Up to 90% of e-commerce website traffic is from bots, which dramatically impacts customer experience. Eliminate unwanted traffic and attacks with F5 Bot Defense and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration.

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Account Takeover

Protect against compromised accounts.

Credential Stuffing

Avoid testing of compromised credentials.

Inventory Hoarding

Improve customer trust with available inventory.

Gift Card Cracking

Block card checking brute force attacks.

Web Scraping

Prevent automated collection of data.

Checkout Abuse

Detect automated abuse in checkout pages.

Why F5 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

F5 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) have partnered to enable seamless delivery of e-commerce security with F5 Bot Defense for real-time bot traffic protection and mitigation.

The F5 SFCC certified integration for malicious bot protection uses AI and machine learning to identify, block, and redirect fraudulent traffic in real time, protecting against account takeover (ATO), credential stuffing attacks, web scraping, checkout abuse, denial of inventory, and more.

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Customer story

Retailer Solves Shoe-Bot Spikes, Fixes Fraud

Learn how an e-commerce retailer prevented malicious traffic and account takeovers, enabling them to free up staff to focus on customers and get back to their bedrock belief in innovation.

F5 Protects Your SFCC Applications

Stop Automated Attacks

Increase customer e-commerce engagement by protecting them against fraudulent bot attacks

Now you can secure your customers’ digital experiences and defend against account takeover with the F5 Bot Defense solution, which is fast, intelligent, and secure. It’s protection you can trust, because security starts here.

F5 Bot Defense

F5 Bot Defense protects web and mobile applications from sophisticated attacks that can result in large scale fraud.

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Prevent Automated Fraud

Security that reacts as attackers adapt

The most sophisticated attackers will retool against all countermeasures, using techniques that emulate human behavior to evade detection. Security must maintain resilience and effectiveness to protect businesses from cybercrime that can lead to unauthorized access, account takeover, and fraud.

F5 Bot Defense

F5 Bot Defense protects web and mobile applications from sophisticated attacks that would otherwise result in large scale fraud.

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Protect against malicious bots and improve customer experience with F5 Bot Defense Solution on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Discover why the world’s leading brands trust F5 Bot Defense to secure digital storefronts running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


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