F5 VELOS Hardware Chassis and Blades

Performance and reliability of hardware. Agility and scale of a modern architecture. Meet F5’s powerful next-generation chassis system.

Use Case

VELOS, F5’s next-generation hardware solution, bridges traditional and modern architectures to deliver agility, performance, and investment protection for established and emerging applications.

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NetOps Automation

Shorten time to market for new apps. 


Business Continuity

Build resiliency into your app infrastructure. 


Cloud Migration on Ramp

Accelerate cloud strategy and reduce TCO.

How VELOS Works

VELOS relies on a Kubernetes-based platform layer that is tightly integrated with F5’s TMOS software, aligning with your modern architecture plans. Going to a microservice based platform layer and an API-first architecture allows VELOS to provide a fully automatable system that delivers the agility you need.

VELOS also continues the industry leadership for Layer 4-7 throughput, connection processing, and SSL/ECC performance, letting you efficiently manage and secure your most demanding applications.

velos product


Get Unmatched Performance with Improved ROI

Achieve accelerated app performance and lower latency with more FPGAs and ECC ciphers​.


Accomplish More with Automation

Reduce deployment time from weeks to minutes with a fully automatable API-first architecture.


Future Proof Your Infrastructure

Frictionless migration and flexible licensing for the Kubernetes-based hardware of the future.


Lower Your TCO

Simplify and consolidate your existing infrastructure with significantly lower operating costs.


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