F5 VELOS Hardware Chassis and Blades

Performance and reliability of hardware. Agility and scale of a modern architecture. Meet F5’s powerful next-generation chassis system.

Use Cases: Bridge Traditional and Modern Architectures



Cloud migration on-ramp

You’ll shorten time to market for new applications by automating network operations and implementing an on-ramp to your cloud strategy with VELOS’ scale and full stack programmability. With F5, you’ll deploy configurations in conformity across on-premises and cloud environments, dramatically reducing TCO with VELOS systems and extend commercial models as you migrate from hardware to software and cloud.

  • On-Demand Scalability, Full Stack Programmability - You’ll ease the transition to cloud and lower operating costs as you shift workloads, scale on-premises and in cloud, avoiding time-consuming heavily refactored apps.



Service provider 5G edge

F5 VELOS hardware provides edge security and enables DDoS mitigation required for an edge-based platform. 5G-ready DDoS mitigation is enabled in an always-on (in-line) configuration, allowing better performance than a traffic-redirect solution. VELOS scales to ensure high-performance security for the 5G forwarding plane that requires the use of high-performance hardware.

  • 5G Edge Infrastructure with VNFs and App Delivery - Provides a high-performance security solution that protects the network from core to edge and can flexibly scale throughout the transition to 5G.

Product Overview

VELOS efficiently manages and secures your most demanding applications and continues the industry leadership for Layer 4-7 throughput, connection processing, and SSL/ECC performance. VELOS relies on an API-first architecture and uses a Kubernetes-based platform layer that is tightly integrated with F5’s TMOS software. This fully automatable system aligns with your modern architecture plans.

Scale and protect applications at the data center and edge sites.

Deploy your apps and clouds at dedicated interconnection points.

Core Capabilities

Achieve accelerated app performance and lower latency with more FPGAs and ECC ciphers.

Reduce deployment time from weeks to minutes with a fully automatable API-first architecture.

Frictionless migration and flexible licensing for the Kubernetes-based hardware of the future.

Simplify and consolidate your existing infrastructure with significantly lower operating costs.

Reduce risk with NEBS compliancy and redundant configurations and components.

The VELOS Chassis and Blade Catalog

VELOS, F5’s next-generation hardware solution, bridges traditional and modern architectures to deliver agility, performance, and investment protection for established and emerging applications.

Powerful next generation chassis system

Scale capacity by adding modular blades in a chassis without disrupting users or apps. Gain the ability to host many different BIG-IP software tenants, which may vary in versions and software modules.

Greater agility with integrated blade environment

Maximum reliability and flexibility to add or remove chassis blades for scale up down, and deploy and configure blades for N+N failover scenarios, including failover to another VELOS chassis.




Businesses are focusing on containing costs in their enterprise data centers while supporting increased demands on content delivery. As these organizations seek to maximize their utilization rates of existing infrastructure, ensuring data security and compliance has become a top priority.