Virtual editions

Get F5 application services in any environment

Combine the power of the BIG-IP platform with the convenience and agility of the public or private cloud. You get the same F5 app services, delivered how and where you need them.

Make your move

When you need to move faster than hardware allows, BIG-IP virtual editions (VEs) deliver the application services you need, in a more agile form factor. Get the scalability, security, customization, and adaptability BIG-IP products are known for—all in software designed for virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments. 

Virtual editions

Virtual editions of BIG-IP products offer the same breadth of features available in hardware solutions. 

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

Ensure your apps are fast, available, and secure.



Optimize app performance and secure infrastructure.

BIG-IP Access Policy Manager

Access Policy Manager

Integrate and unify user access to applications.

BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager

Advanced Firewall Manager

Stop network threats—even volumetric DDoS attacks.

Advanced Web Application Firewall

Advanced Web Application Firewall

Address advanced threats with a more advanced WAF.

BIG-IP Cloud Edition

Ease the burden on NetOps and empower app teams at the same time. Get per-app services with enhanced visibility and management—right sized, right-priced, and available in any environment. 


Meet the specific needs of your business with highly programmable virtual editions. From granular traffic management and rapid response to supporting new protocols and integrating with leading orchestration products, BIG-IP VEs give you increased control over the security and performance of your apps. 

Flexible licensing

Flexible licensing

Choose from bundles, license pools, or annual subscriptions. Licenses are transferable between public and private cloud systems.

Automation and orchestration

Automation and orchestration

Automate with cloud solution templates, REST APIs, and integration with leading config management frameworks.



Enable easy customization and fast response to zero-day attacks with granular scripting and node.js modules. 

Performance options

Performance Options

Choose from throughput capabilities of 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps—or high-performance, CPU-based licenses of up to 40 Gbps.

Speed to market

Make new applications available to users in minutes. VEs feature on-demand deployment options for both high-density and multi-tenant infrastructures, so application services spin up quickly and efficiently. 


At F5, we’re working with leading technology partners to enable our customers to securely deploy every app, anywhere in today’s multi-cloud world.

Empower NetOps with automation



Learn how to migrate Tier 1 application workloads to AWS.    


Deploy a robust suite of application services in the Microsoft cloud.    


Add security, scaling, and optimization services to ensure mission-critical applications are supported in OpenStack clouds.

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Virtual editions of BIG-IP application services can be deployed on any leading hypervisor and in any public or private cloud.