F5 BIG-IP VE Enterprise Licensing Agreement

Deploy what you want, when you want, where you want, with BIG-IP virtual editions (VEs).    

F5 Enterprise License Agreement for BIG-IP Virtual Editions

BIG-IP virtual editions (VEs) are available in a 3-year Enterprise Licensing Agreement. Self-license BIG-IP VEs on-demand, with benefits that go beyond saving on initial upfront costs. 

Multiple environments

Multiple environments

BIG-IP VEs deliver application delivery and security services whether your apps live in the public cloud, private cloud, or in a data center.    

Easy to manage

Easy to manage

Pay a single price for your BIG-IP VE services.  No retroactive billing enables predictable yearly budgeting    

Flexibility of scale

Flexibility of scale

Self-service licensing enables you to align capacity with business needs as needed    

Simple to deploy

Simple to deploy

Stay agile with REST APIs for automatic deployment and cloud solution templates on GitHub.

F5 BIG-IP VE Enterprise Licensing Agreement options


As with perpetual licensing, subscription services are available in our Good, Better, Best product bundles. Get common application service combinations at a lower cost than individual licensing.


Traffic management with optional subscription services.



Traffic management, software services, and security services.



Traffic management, software services, and advanced security services.


Need to license specific services? We offer BIG-IP VEs as standalone modules as well. Pay for exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.    

Standalone licensing is available for:


·  BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager

·  BIG-IP Application Security Manager

·  BIG-IP Access Policy Manager


License BIG-IP VEs to deploy on a per-app basis. 

Per-app licenses are available for:

·   BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM)

·   F5 Advanced WAF

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