FirePass to BIG-IP APM Migration Service

Successful organizations need high-performance, high-concurrency remote access solutions to support a rapidly growing mobile workforce with a proliferation of mobile devices. Migrating now from F5 FirePass to the BIG-IP application delivery platform helps create an agile infrastructure that ensures your applications are always fast, secure, and available.

Using a four-phase approach, the FirePass to BIG-IP APM Migration Service analyzes your FirePass configuration and identifies how to implement BIG-IP APM to achieve the remote access functionality you need. By providing the planning, analysis, and expert resources necessary to accomplish a smooth and streamlined transition, this service enables you to quickly harness the power of the BIG-IP platform.

Rely on the FirePass to BIG-IP APM Migration Service from F5 Professional Services to ensure a seamless implementation and quickly start taking advantage of the functionality provided by BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.

Key benefits:

  • Speed deployment: Take advantage of F5’s proven migration approach to create a solid foundation for success.
  • Move forward with new capabilities: Capitalize on new F5 products and features that will yield the biggest value for your investment.
  • Mitigate risk: Minimize downtime and unplanned delays by drawing on F5 consultants’ deep product expertise.
  • Extend your staff’s reach: Rely on F5 consultants to expand your team, deploy critical projects, and ensure effective knowledge transfer.