Accelerate your journey to 5G

Virtualization is key

Wherever you are in your transition to 5G, virtualizing some—or all—of your network enables technologies that scale for rapid growth: automation, containers, microservices, and the orchestration to manage them all.

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Deploying your 5G infrastructure will be the most challenging next-gen network rollout ever in terms of scale and scope. In addition to these new challenges, you’re also faced with simultaneous demands to:

  • Rapidly transition to virtualized/cloud-based edge, core, and data networks.
  • Develop new, compelling services while preventing revenue and/or time-to-market slowdowns caused by potential network complexities.
  • Protect your network at massive scale, at every layer, and for multiple threats. 

The obstacles are daunting, but the opportunities are huge. Unlock the full potential of 5G by optimizing, monetizing, and securing your network. Expert guidance will be imperative to successfully get 5G capabilities up and running, maintain or optimize your existing 4G LTE network, and transition to modern virtualized networks—all while securing your network against new threats and vulnerabilities.

Preparing for what’s next.

With new opportunities come new challenges—plus your old ones haven’t gone away! While you’re working to meet extreme end-to-end bandwidth requirements, to deliver highly responsive, low latency connections to a multitude of devices and device types, and to protect against new threats and vulnerabilities, consumers still expect stellar performance, the latest features, and complete security.

Our solution guide, F5 Solutions for the Emerging 5G Landscape, offers five use cases to help you navigate the maze.

Edge Compute

Distributed networks—those with content nearer to the end user—are critical for higher traffic volumes, increased speed of delivery, and reduced latency.  

Network optimization

It’s unrealistic and expensive to solve performance challenges by adding network hardware. Rather than increasing infrastructure, improve how your existing systems handle traffic to meet next-generation demands.    

The security of devices

Millions of connected devices mean millions of potential back doors for hackers. Your security solutions have to account for complex attack vectors at massive scale, at every layer, and for multiple threats.

Transitioning to 5G

The shift to 5G is coming fast, but certainly won’t be like flipping a switch. You’ll have to balance the migration to 5G while continuing to meet subscriber quality of experience expectations on existing networks. 


5G will be the most challenging network rollout ever. Get the keys to unlock its full potential.

How F5 solutions fit in your network.


F5 gives you the tools to begin the transition to 5G today—wherever you are on your journey. We help you optimize and scale your current network to meet 5G’s latency, high throughput, and increased traffic demands. Scale and simplify your existing networks—and evolve to 5G—with automated, high-performance, virtualized solutions. 

  • Enable and speed up the time-to-market of new, compelling, and differentiated 5G services to your customers.
  • Migrate to NFV infrastructure with F5’s broad range of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and NFV packaged solutions. 
  • Simplify your core network architecture and operations and reduce costs with F5’s unique integration of Gi-LAN/N6 services into a standardized virtualized platform. 


Your network needs to deliver differentiated applications to your customers, faster. Cloud-native solutions are essential for the transition to 5G.

With automated, app-centric service delivery, your network can instantaneously adapt or be programmed to the demands of the applications running on top of it, optimizing overall network performance, providing a better end user experience.

  • Achieve significant TCO savings and slash server requirements (over 60%).
  • Transform your service architecture with virtualized edge, containers and microservices.
  • Achieve business agility and customize solutions for your customers with network automation and intelligent services insertion.


There are more threats than ever targeting your network and edge services. Protect your services infrastructure with F5’s integrated multi-layer security platform. Regardless of your service delivery architecture, F5 secures legacy and modern applications from core to edge—and even into your Kubernetes clusters, with service mesh.

  • No compromising between performance and security – scalable, fast protection of network resources and edge applications.
  • Infrastructure, protocol and application protection with flexible consumption options to align to business needs and simplify operation.
  • Automated deployment of virtualized security enables fast, reliable infrastructure build-out.  



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