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Deploying your 5G infrastructure will be the most challenging next-gen network rollout ever in terms of scale and scope. In addition to these new challenges, you’re also faced with simultaneous demands to:

  • Rapidly transition to virtualized/cloud-based edge, core, and data networks.
  • Develop new, compelling services while preventing revenue and/or time-to-market slowdowns caused by potential network complexities.
  • Protect your network at massive scale, at every layer, and for multiple threats. 

The obstacles are daunting, but the opportunities are huge. Unlock the full potential of 5G by optimizing, monetizing, and securing your network. Expert guidance will be imperative to successfully get 5G capabilities up and running, maintain or optimize your existing 4G LTE network, and transition to modern virtualized networks—all while securing your network against new threats and vulnerabilities.

Preparing for what’s next.

With new opportunities come new challenges—plus your old ones haven’t gone away! While you’re working to meet extreme end-to-end bandwidth requirements, to deliver highly responsive, low latency connections to a multitude of devices and device types, and to protect against new threats and vulnerabilities, consumers still expect stellar performance, the latest features, and complete security.

Our solution guide, F5 Solutions for the Emerging 5G Landscape, offers five use cases to help you navigate the maze.

New revenue opportunities

Because subscriber growth is tapering off, finding new ways to enable and speed up time-to-market of new, differentiated 5G services can help you maintain a competitive edge and obtain market growth.    

Network optimization

It’s unrealistic and expensive to solve performance challenges by adding network hardware. Rather than increasing infrastructure, improve how your existing systems handle traffic to meet next-generation demands.    

The vulnerability of devices

Millions of connected devices mean millions of potential back doors for hackers. Your security solutions have to account for complex attack vectors at massive scale, at every layer, and for multiple threats.    

Transitioning from 4G/LTE

The shift from 4G/LTE to 5G is coming fast, but won’t be like flipping a switch. Balancing the migration to 5G with subscriber quality of experience expectations on 4G/LTE networks requires insight and long-range planning. Learn more about F5’s vision here


5G will be the most challenging network rollout ever. Get the keys to unlock its full potential.

How F5 solutions fit in your network.


Scale and simplify your existing network and evolve to a 5G network at your own speed. Migrate seamlessly to NFV infrastructure with F5’s broad range of Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and NFV packaged solutions, and scale through intent-based and declarative toolchains that provide automation and dynamic resource allocation at scale.   


Speed up the time-to-market and implementation of new, compelling, and differentiated services to your enterprise customers and consumer base with new, virtualized solutions.  Reduce the cost and risk of new service delivery failure with the broadest VNF portfolio in the industry.

Find new ways to monetize your current infrastructure through network segmentation with network slicing function paired with dynamic service chaining.  

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) solutions enable new high-volume or latency-sensitive applications. BIG-IP Virtual Editions (VEs) are available for all layer 4 through layer 7 networking functions. 


Protect your network at massive scale, at every layer, and for multiple threats.   F5 can help you implement per-subscriber and per-application security solutions, and leverage visibility and control analytics which will allow you to respond quickly to—and mitigate—security issues.

GTP security protects your control and data plane traffic while implementing FS.20 protections on roaming traffic. 

Highly effective DDoS solutions leverage machine learning and data science algorithms, as well as packet-based and flow-only-based analysis. This helps to ensure better visibility into attacks that can’t be seen today.

IoT solutions provide security for both your network and data center. Implement a Gi firewall, subscriber-aware firewall, protection against “unmanaged” IoT devices, and a protocol parser to verify MQTT messages.  

Real-world strategies for deploying 5G

While the business realizations of 5G are still on the horizon, readiness strategies for deployment are already underway. Watch this webinar to learn about the strategies that the industry’s leading service providers are implementing to ensure a successful transition to 5G.


The next five years in app-centric networking

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