Multi-Access Edge Compute for Service Providers

F5 offers network and security solutions for a flexible and robust 4G to 5G edge compute infrastructure.

Why Edge Compute Matters

Telcos are aggressively defining and building out their multi-access edge computing (MEC) infrastructures. F5’s reliable, platform-agnostic solutions can help fortify and optimize that infrastructure while helping customers monetize new opportunities and drive growth. 

edge compute VR

How F5 Can Help

F5 offers a robust toolset of solutions to power your MEC platform, regardless of how you’re choosing to augment or build it. Not only can you accelerate your rollout of 5G by bridging from your 4G core to 5G, you can reduce CapEx and OpEx up to 60% with our consolidated S/Gi-LAN on your path to massive scale. Our hardware and virtual solutions provide a wide range of distributed, virtualized network functions and applications, plus automated, zero-touch, and app-centric service delivery.

F5 edge infrastructure enablement efficiently combines VNFs and app delivery in the distributed telco cloud.




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Next Steps

5G transition

Migrate from 4G to 5G with multiprotocol traffic management and security services.


Reduce CapEx and OpEx while optimizing virtual functions by consolidating S/Gi-LAN.

Edge Security

Protect apps from attacks with Advanced Web Application Firewall and DDoS solutions.