Secure Corporate Apps with a Zero Trust Security Model

Improve security and the user experience while managing access to your portfolio of corporate applications.

Why Having a Zero Trust Security Model Matters

Securely managing access to corporate applications is critical to preventing data breaches. Doing it well can also increase efficiencies in business processes and user productivity. A zero trust security model can deliver this business value by enabling users to seamlessly and securely access their applications from anywhere regardless of where the application resides.

100% Zero Trust

F5 solutions fit natively into a zero trust architecture and strengthen security through least privilege access, explicit verification, continuous assessment, and risk-aware remediation.

Dynamic and Adaptive Security

F5 combines unparalleled visibility across clouds and architectures with highly trained machine learning in order to automate protections and adapt security polices as risk changes. 

Resilient Defenses

Deter motivated and sophisticated adversaries and contain threats that bypass security controls before they proliferate across the application infrastructure.

Finding the Right Zero Trust Approach

Diagram - zero trust

Understanding zero trust

While there’s no one magical solution for a zero trust security model, F5 provides several key components around access, application security, and encrypted traffic visibility. F5 solutions offer secure, identity- and context-aware access to any application regardless of its location or what method of authentication it uses. They protect against application threats identified in the OWASP Top 10 and other code-level and software vulnerabilities. They also provide visibility into encrypted traffic, while intelligently managing this traffic across the entire security and performance stack.

How F5 Helps

Protect against access-based attacks, while enhancing the user experience

Password login attacks are the most frequently attempted type of attack. The prevalence and success of phishing to steal credentials and billions of previously stolen credentials found on the dark web enable attackers to log in to applications undetected. The “Identity Aware Proxy” capability found in F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager secures, simplifies, and centralizes access to apps, APIs, and data, while enhancing the user experience via single sign-on. For hybrid environments, F5 enables common policies and secure federated access to native cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) apps as well as on-premises classic and custom apps.

Defend the network infrastructure that supports your applications

SSL/TLS encryption is now standard. While that’s great for privacy, attackers can use that same encryption to hide malware and other malicious payloads to bypass security controls. F5 SSL Orchestrator is a dedicated solution for the orchestration of inbound and outbound encrypted traffic that stops encrypted traffic dangers from attacking your applications, data, and network. SSL Orchestrator eliminates security blind spots by exposing malware hiding in inbound encrypted traffic. It also halts exfiltration of stolen data in encrypted outbound traffic.

Prevent exploitation of code-level and software library vulnerabilities

While secure access is a focal point of a zero trust security model, applications are assumed to be on untrusted networks that are potentially vulnerable to web application and API attacks. With this in mind, it’s important to protect against vulnerabilities such as injection attacks and cross-site scripting (XSS). F5 delivers web application firewall (WAF) solutions that shield companies from threats identified in the OWASP Web App Top 10, API Top 10, and other security threats—and that fit well into any application architecture and software development lifecycle process.

Ecosystem Integrations

A zero trust security model is not delivered through any one product or vendor, so it is critical that the components integrate to provide complete coverage. F5 partners with major Identity as a Service (IDaaS) providers to bridge identity and authentication gaps between native cloud, SaaS, and classic and custom apps that reside on-premises. This enables a unified, secure access experience for users of any application.


Next Steps

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