The State of Application Strategy in 2021

Rapid digital transformation over the past year makes an application strategy a business imperative.

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Why an Application Strategy Matters

Applications are so central to how we live, work, and interact that the technologies used to deliver those apps and protect application security have become essential to business growth. That’s why an application strategy is now a crucial component of any successful business strategy.

To reflect that importance, we’ve changed the name of our signature report to the 2021 State of Application Strategy Report. Read the full report to learn how your application strategy stacks up.


Modernization Gains Momentum

The global COVID-19 crisis vastly accelerated digital transformation toward more automated, integrated, and AI-assisted business. The explosion in our use of digital tools—and the ramifications for managing and securing those tools—are reflected in the results of our seventh annual survey.

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Why Adaptive Load Balancing Matters

Focus Reports

SOAS Financial

2021 Financial Services Report

The financial services industry continues to lead in application modernization, API security, and AIOps.

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SOAS Financial

2021 Telecom Report

The telecom industry is deploying AI and looking toward the edge as providers continue to lead digital transformation for improved QoE.

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2021 Latin America Report

Organizations in Latin America are speeding ahead with digital transformation, often relying on multi-cloud strategies and deploying AI to protect customer data and the business.

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2021 XOps Report

As organizations around the globe speed ahead with digital transformation, the IT operations staff leading the change have a unique perspective on the most important challenges to maintaining momentum.

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133% Growth in Application Modernization

More than three-quarters of organizations are modernizing their applications—especially IT service desk applications and those that support the customer experience. APIs are a method of choice for more than half of respondents. That makes API security more important than ever.

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