The State of Application Strategy in 2022

As digital transformation accelerates, IT objectives and business objectives are converging to increasingly elevate technology from a supporting role to the heart of the business.

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Why an Application Strategy Matters

The exploding numbers of applications, integrations, and environments are creating complexity that’s nearly unmanageable. Forward-looking organizations recognize the importance of designing and implementing a robust application strategy to better anticipate and respond to shifting customer interests and market conditions. Read the full report to learn how your application strategy compares.

Are You Keeping Up?

The digital business landscape is constantly evolving—and to stay ahead of competitors, organizations must adopt new approaches for managing telemetry, data, and application security and delivery technologies across today’s distributed architectures. Learn how businesses are turning to identity-based security, modernizing their applications, and using AI and automation to increase agility.

Tech Trends of Today—and Tomorrow

We asked decision makers at global organizations which technologies they were most excited about over the next few years. Identity-based security solutions are a key area of interest, along with the increased operational efficiencies promised by converging IT and OT systems and growing excitement about the potential of 5G networks to enable greater use of the edge. Find out the implications of these top trends.

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2022 technologies to watch

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