Articles by Tom Atkins

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Published: Nov 22, 2022
Cyberthreats have become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated, giving security teams little choice but to invest heavily in the latest and greatest technologies to protect their application portfolios and data. For many, this leads to deploying a medley of disparate solutions—generally from a multitude of vendors—to achieve a robust security posture against a wide range of threats.
Published: Mar 15, 2022
At a time when speed is of the essence however, IT organizations are increasingly being hampered by lengthening component lead times brought about by the global semiconductor shortage – much to the frustration of developers.
Published: Oct 21, 2021
According to Forrester’s 2021 State of Application Security Report, a staggering 39% of all cyberattacks last year targeted web applications, and for good reason. The public-facing nature of web apps, their sprawling surface area, and the ever-present risk of code vulnerabilities make them notoriously difficult to protect—increasing the chances that attackers will find success.
Published: Sep 23, 2021
Astonishingly, a little over a year has passed since F5 launched the BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs solution, which as a reminder, is the product of an integration between the BIG-IP Virtual Edition and an Intel SmartNIC that elevates performance and efficiency while lowering costs.
Published: Sep 8, 2021
Astonishingly, a little over a year has passed since F5 launched the BIG-IP VE for SmartNICs solution and during this time, both the internet and application landscape have continued to rapidly evolve.
Published: Jun 24, 2020
For service providers and enterprises transitioning to 5G network infrastructure and modern cloud architectures, virtual environments can now be hosted on low-cost, standards-based servers while moving specific functions to a Smart Network Interface Card, thereby boosting performance and lowering latency in the core and at the network edge.
Published: Mar 3, 2020
The benefits of migrating away from hardware-dominated environments to cloud and software-defined architectures are well known—increased scalability, operational agility and economic flexibility, to name just a few. But there is also the common misconception that in order to realize these gains, organizations are forced to make a sacrifice regarding the performance of their apps.
Published: Oct 29, 2019
All cloud journeys are unique and can be complicated, with very different objectives, strategies, and hurdles. So let’s take a look at how F5 can help you and your applications wherever you are in your cloud journey.
Published: Aug 1, 2019
The key to simplifying multi-cloud architectures is to standardize elements wherever possible. By employing tools that can be used across environments, much of this complexity is abstracted away as you move from a cloud-specific to a cloud-agnostic service portfolio.
Published: Jun 24, 2019
F5's Tom Atkins provides a quick snapshot of relevant cloud security topics leading into this week's inaugural AWS security, compliance, and identity conference in Boston.
Published: Apr 10, 2019
With consistent services and policies in the Alibaba Cloud, and across other supported cloud environments, operations teams can comfortably secure and optimize any app while providing developers the architectural flexibility to pick and choose their cloud of choice.
Published: Apr 9, 2019
With the general availability of GKE On-Prem (a core component of Google Cloud’s Anthos), F5 reveals its integration with this new solution, allowing its users to get one step closer to crafting a truly hybrid cloud architecture.
Published: Mar 26, 2019
Building on the trio of managed rules for AWS’ native WAF delivered in the fall of 2018, we are excited to announce another ruleset which focuses solely on the protecting your APIs against existing and emerging threats, including XML external entity attacks and server-side request forgery.
Published: Dec 7, 2018
As the dust from the recent re:Invent conference settles, Tom Atkins reflects and takes a closer look at the most notable advances from what has been another dynamic and productive year for F5 on AWS.
Published: Nov 28, 2018
Modern security is a multi-vendor proposition. F5’s industry-leading Web Application Firewall solutions (such as Advanced WAF) can now be integrated with AWS Security Hub, allowing predefined alert information from blocked traffic (such as attack type, source, etc.) to be escalated to this central console for further review, alongside inputs from other security products.
Published: Nov 20, 2018
Before the start of AWS re:Invent, we’re excited to share the new Quick Start integration between F5 and AWS. F5’s Tom Atkins discusses how the service launches, configures, and runs the AWS compute, network, storage, and other services required to deploy your workloads on AWS.
Published: Oct 10, 2018
F5 is one of an exclusive group of launch partners of AWS’ Consulting Partner Private Offers Program, giving partners extended capabilities in making F5 application services available to customers via the AWS Marketplace.
Published: Jul 18, 2018
Perfect for development and test purposes, these instances provide true cloud-native operational flexibility with no long-term commitments or contracts.
Published: Jul 10, 2018
These virtual editions protect applications and data with complete feature parity across on-premises and multi-cloud deployments.
Published: Mar 7, 2018
Confidence in the public cloud is on the rise as the market and platforms mature, thanks in part to certification and competency validations from major providers.