Current Trends in DDoS – it’s the little things that matter

Online session with F5 Labs

Join Senior Threat Researcher Malcolm Heath from F5 Labs and Shain Singh, Security Architect at F5, as we discuss the current global trends in DDOS.

DDoS traffic is constantly morphing as defenses improve and new attack techniques are developed. In this brief session, we’ll take a look at how the use of IoT to generate DDoS traffic has many side effects. Plus, how targeting of API endpoints and microservices changes the defensive landscape.

About F5 Labs: F5 Labs is F5’s threat research organisation, with the goal of gathering global threat intelligence data, analysing application threats and publishing related findings. They process app threat data from F5 and it’s partners into actionable intelligence and share the Who, What, When, Why, How and What's Next of cyber attacks.


Malcolm Heath
Senior Threat Researcher,
F5 Labs

Shain Singh
Security Architect,
Cloud, 5G/MEC & Automation,

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