On-Demand Session

Encrypted DNS - Mitigating the Impact of DoT and DoH for Service Providers

DNS is fundamental to how the internet functions. Within the Network Operator's infrastructure, network performance is assured with DNS caches, resolvers and security functions. However, growth in DNS encryption - both DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) potentially renders this infrastructure redundant and means that Service Providers need to understand the challenges and opportunities encrypted DNS will bring.

This session will consider the impact of encrypted DNS from the Service Provider's perspective and discuss various options for adapting networks to support growth in the level of encrypted DNS.

By attending this session, you …

  • Will understand the benefits and challenges with encrypted DNS for Network Operators.
  • Will comprehend potential strategies for Service Providers to adapt and handle encrypted DNS.
  • Will learn how to configure F5’s BIG-IP platform to support DOT and DOH traffic.

Presenter and moderator

Andrew Bargery

Solution Architect (Service Providers)


Nigel Ashworth

Solution Architect

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