F5 Distributed Cloud WAF

Cloud-based protection for your distributed web applications

F5 Distributed Cloud WAF eases the burden and complexity of consistently securing apps across cloud, on-premises, and edge locations.

Protect Web Apps Wherever They’re Deployed

F5 Distributed Cloud WAF combines F5’s industry leading web application firewall in an easy-to-use SaaS format.


The evolution of application architectures, deployment locations, and threat landscapes has made it significantly more difficult to effectively secure and operate them.

Balancing security and agility

Ensuring proper security controls is challenging for app dev teams with increasing workloads and deadlines.

Growing operational complexity

Securing apps has become more complex as they get deployed across heterogenous environments.

Volume of threats and false positives

Threats are evolving at an accelerating pace, leading to an ever-greater volume of false positives.

Policy variation reducing efficacy

Differences in system configurations and policy enforcement result in lower overall efficacy.

Why Distributed Cloud WAF?

DevOps agility + SecOps control

Deliver the programmability that DevOps needs combined with the efficacy and visibility SecOps mandates.

Dramatically simplified operations

Simplify operations through a single SaaS service with end-to-end visibility across clouds, on-premises data centers, and edge sites.

Observability and fewer false positives

Advanced ML, intelligence feeds, and threat campaigns provide visibility, dynamic response to evolving threats, and near-zero false positives.

Platform Overview

Connects, secures, and manages apps in the cloud, on-prem, edge or in the F5 global network.

F5 Distributed Cloud WAF is a next-gen SaaS-based web application firewall that provides signature and behavioral-based threat detection to protect applications wherever they are deployed. 

Frictionless Authentication Diagram

Key Capabilities

Adding new applications is as easy as defining the origin server(s) and field qualified domain name (FQDN) and associating it with a policy—all of which is orchestrated through a universal API.

Comprehensive protection with fewer false positives

Utilizing both a signature-based WAF and AI/ML-based techniques together with intelligent false positive management ensures max efficacy and reduced workload for SecOps teams.

Visibility with investigative drilldowns

Gain real-time insight into both WAF and DDoS security events together with app performance. Investigate events through intuitive drill-down capabilities including actor behavior over time.

Powerful rule-based engine for enhanced traffic management

Create rules for directing, blocking, or rate limiting based on matching incoming traffic with policies for IP address ranges, prefixes, ASNs, countries, TLS fingerprints, and more.

Distributed Cloud WAF Use Cases

Secure Apps Everywhere

Mitigate web app attacks and vulnerabilities with comprehensive security controls and uniform policy and observability, including simplified deployment and management of app security postures across environments.

Defend Against Known Threats and Suspicious Behavior

Using a variety of techniques including time-series analysis and endpoint utilization, bad actors are flagged or blocked even though the client doesn’t necessarily match a known bad actor profile.

Observe and Improve App Performance

The platform actively inspects traffic as it crosses the F5 global network and reports on app availability and performance, such as latency and traffic load, so that app owners can adjust capacity according to the reported trends.

Broad Platform and Cloud Provider Support

Distributed Cloud Services can be delivered to apps running on any platform on any public/private cloud. Connect and secure apps running in VMs, containers, bare metal or serverless.

Simplifying DevOps and SecOps

F5’s native Terraform provider, vesctl CLI tool, and public APIs deliver the automation needs of app teams. Support for alerting tools (i.e., Opsgenie and Slack) and SIEM tools (i.e., Splunk and Datadog) simplify life of DevOps and SecOps.

Ways to Deploy

F5 Distributed Cloud Services deliver application management, networking, and security services closer to workloads and can be deployed in public/private clouds, on-premises data centers, and edge sites with centralized management via a SaaS-based console.

Balancing security and agility

Manage and protect application workloads hosted in AWS, Azure, and GCP.

F5 global PoPs

Manage and protect application workloads from any of the points of presence (PoPs) on the F5 global network


Manage and protect applications at your data center and edge sites.


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