F5 Global Network

Optimized for app-to-app connectivity and security

The industry’s first app-to-app network that’s purpose built to connect and secure workloads across multi-cloud or edge with the flexibility to host workloads for improved performance.

Improve App Uptime, Reliability, and Performance

Purpose-built to connect and secure app-to-app traffic while ensuring high performance and carrier-grade reliability.

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Increasingly distributed applications deployed across on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge environments present a variety of challenges to secure these applications while ensuring optimum performance and reliability.

Operational complexities

Apps deployed across distributed global environments are difficult to manage.

Public networks

Application traffic delivered over the public Internet risk being compromised in transit.

Network latency

Delivering and maintaining fast, reliable API access can be challenging. 

Why Global Network?

DDoS protection

Customers get automatic security for their infrastructure and apps across hybrid- or multi-cloud with global L3–L7+ DDoS protection delivered by the advanced software and hardware capabilities of Distributed Cloud Mesh.

Network security

Implement a network firewall and AI-based anomaly detection to prevent attacks at the network level. All traffic between F5 PoPs is fully encrypted using IPsec and segmented using L3 VPNs.

Application security

Using a combination of threat feeds, signature matching, and advanced algorithmic + AI/ML techniques, we protect customer APIs and applications from attacks via the public internet or within the enterprise.

Physical security

All F5 PoPs are built using major colocation facilities at Equinix, Digital Realty, and Telehouse, with strict security procedures like video sensors, biometrics, and human verification to ensure secure platform access.

Platform Overview

The F5 Global Network provides advanced networking, security, and application delivery services across all its points of presence (PoPs).

Provide 10+ Tbps of peered capacity across four continents, with private backbone capacity and dedicated connectivity for cloud and SaaS providers. These services are powered by the same SaaS-based Distributed Cloud Mesh and Distributed Cloud App Stack software that we deploy in your public, private, and edge-cloud environments, along with web app security and secure Kubernetes gateways.

platform overview map

Global private backbone

All F5 PoPs are redundantly connected in each continent through our own private backbone to deliver performance, reliability, and control across hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Cloud-native platform

The global network runs on a platform that leverages a microservices and automated software stack for fast, global deployments and propagation

Enterprise-grade services

Distributed Cloud Mesh and App Stack are deployed at every F5 PoP to provide routing, SD-WAN termination, load balancing, multi-layer security, Kubernetes-based app orchestration, and a globally-distributed app gateway.


IDC Multicloud 2020 report


IDC Innovators: Multicloud Networking, 2020

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"As an online marketplace, the availability of our website is critical, as every minute of downtime results in a significant loss of revenue and a deterioration of our brand. We have worked very closely with F5 to maximize our resiliency and security, as well as our user experience, and have been able to build a complete application delivery network and several security tools with their Distributed Cloud Mesh service."

Romain Broussard

IT Director, Cdiscount

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