F5 Distributed Cloud Services Now Supports AIShield GuArdIan for Generative AI Applications and LLM Security

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Edward O'Connell
Published May 01, 2024

Many organizations are scrambling to incorporate generative AI into their IT infrastructure to augment and improve business operations internally and externally. For generative AI applications to be effective, they must access data often sensitive in nature (e.g., company product info, revenues and forecasts, patient health monitor info, account payables, etc.). This means generative AI application interactions must be firmly secured.

To help organizations address security in their implementations of generative AI applications, F5 is augmenting its F5 Distributed Cloud Platform with technology alliance partners that can secure interactions with generative AI applications. Today, we’re happy to announce that the Distributed Cloud Platform has integrated with AIShield GuArdIan, a cutting-edge AI security product by AIShield, to enhance the security of generative AI applications.

AIShield GuArdIan sits in the path of inbound inquiries and outbound responses to stop inbound attacks and outbound data exfiltration.

Securing inbound generative AI queries and outbound responses

AIShield GuArdIan, alongside F5 Distributed Cloud Web App and API Protection (WAAP) running on an F5 Distributed Cloud Customer Edge (CE), protect both the data fed into generative AI apps and the generated responses, aligning with data privacy and organizational security standards ready for the enterprise. GuArdIan also features comprehensive monitoring and logging capabilities, which contribute to the ongoing enhancement of response quality and system integrity. Its advanced security measures are designed to be intuitive and customizable, with more than 75 configurable controls for multimodal (image and text) content. And it integrates seamlessly with leading SIEM tools for real-time observability and incident management.

Key points

- Role-based access control: Tailors access to ensure secure and relevant information exchange, reducing the risk of data mishandling.

- Advanced security measures: Provides multimodal protection and domain-specific policy enforcement to protect against financial risks, support misconduct, fraud, and personal data misuse.

- Flexible and intuitive system: GuArdIan's model-agnostic approach offers compatibility with various AI models, and its user-friendly interface enables quick setup and management of security policies.

Simple setup

AIShield GuArdIan is easily activated on the F5 Distributed Cloud Platform via a container-based app that ensures integration across any large language model (LLM) and its respective deployments. The app conforms with the F5 Distributed Cloud Platform application security suite for comprehensive ecosystem protection.

Secure AI application interactions

In summary, the integration of AIShield GuArdIan with F5 Distributed Cloud Services represents a significant advancement in securing generative AI applications within organizational IT infrastructures. This comprehensive security framework ensures that sensitive data involved in AI interactions is protected by stringent privacy and compliance policies.


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