Web App and API Protection (WAAP)

Protect apps and APIs deployed across clouds and edge sites with industry-leading, SaaS-based web application firewall (WAF) and bot protection, advanced API security, and L3-L7 DDoS defense.

Why Distributed Cloud WAAP Matters

Protect against emerging threats

Protect against emerging threats

As apps evolve and API deployments increase, attack surface areas are increasing and bring greater risk.

Dramatically simpler operations

Dramatically simpler operations

Reduce the number of point solutions and centralize security policy enforcement across distributed environments.

Best-in-class bot detection and WAF

Best-in-class bot detection and WAF

Market-leading bot detection technology for highly accurate protection from malicious bots.

Protect the entirety of your applications

Protect the entirety of your apps

Selective coverage is no longer enough. Apps need protections for WAF, API security, DDoS, and bots.

Consistent security policies everywhere

Consistent security policies everywhere

Deploy consistent policies across your entire estate of apps regardless of where they’re hosted.

End-to-end observability

End-to-end observability

Gain valuable insights and telemetry across your distributed app infrastructure from a centralized user interface.

Distributed Cloud WAAP vs. Traditional CDN


Traditional CDN

Distributed Cloud WAAP

Automation for deployment and policy changes
Visualization for violations, traffic patterns, and DDoS events
API auto discovery and allowlisting
Signature scanning and AI/ML for anomaly and malicious user detection
AI/ML for false positive identification and elimination
Backbone, smart routing, and origin tunneling
Deployment modes for on-prem (customer edge), public cloud, and F5 global network
Threat campaigns for high-accuracy targeting of threats and intent
App deployment and protection in one common platform

Explore Distributed Cloud WAAP Use Cases

Streamline app security across multi-cloud and edge environments

Mitigate web application attacks and vulnerabilities with comprehensive app security controls and uniform policy and observability, including simplified deployment and management of app security postures across environments and applications.


Improve visibility and identify automated, malicious traffic patterns

Provide enterprises with advanced bot defense and sophisticated security monitoring to eradicate bad traffic that targets user accounts, content scraping, and ad fraud.

Explore Distributed Cloud WAAP Use Cases

Address modern API challenges with automatic API discovery, policy enforcement, and control across apps and APIs

Identify shadow APIs and mitigate API threats with zero-trust implementations for legacy and modern applications. Export Swagger files for API mapping and import these files to simplify security policy configurations.

Explore Distributed Cloud WAAP Use Cases

Ensure app and infrastructure uptime and reliability against DDoS attacks

Distributed Cloud WAAP protects apps against volumetric L3-L7 DDoS attacks at the network edge, ensuring that the app still has global availability without impact to legitimate customers. Distributed Cloud WAAP also provides visibility into both historically mitigated and active attacks so that proactive controls can be enabled to further thwart unwanted bad actors.

Explore Distributed Cloud WAAP Use Cases

Secure the infrastructure your apps depend on

Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at the infrastructure level leave apps open to attack from both internal and external bad actors. With Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection, get comprehensive visibility into these threats, with the context you need to remediate them.

Build trust by keeping your users safer

Get protection against Magecart, formjacking, skimming, PII harvesting and other critical client-side security vulnerabilities. Distributed Cloud Client-Side Defense JavaScript monitors web pages for suspicious scripts and collects telemetry, which generates actionable alerts viewable in a dashboard with one-click mitigation.

client side defense diagram


F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP Overview


F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP Overview

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Protecting Web Apps and APIs in Distributed Cloud


Protecting Your Web Apps and APIs across Distributed Environments

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