F5 and Stellar Cyber Strengthen Network Security

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Frank Strobel
Published April 13, 2021

Collaboration improves security across the F5 WAF engine with high levels of visibility, correlation, and unified response capabilities

Organizations know that F5 delivers leading Web Application Firewall (WAF) products, but they might not be as familiar with technology partner Stellar Cyber and their industry-leading Open XDR platform. That will soon change, as the companies have been working hard to smoothly integrate our two offerings, and to provide users with ever-higher levels of security and control.

What’s driving demand for the increased visibility, detection, and response capabilities enabled by this partnership? Well, unfortunately, many of today’s security tools are often siloed across multiple elements, where they generate more data than can be dealt with efficiently, and where gaps create the potential for missed threats. By combining F5 WAF technology with the Stellar Cyber Open-XDR platform, you can eliminate silos and gain high-fidelity detection and correlation (driven by the platform’s Advanced AI engine) that dramatically outperform human scrutiny and manual intervention.

The world’s first Open-XDR platform, Stellar Cyber is an easy-to-use investigation, threat hunting, and automated response solution. It delivers a 360° view of the entire attack surface with readily available, high-fidelity detections delivered through a wide range of pre-built capabilities, and tight integration with hundreds of existing security tools.

“By integrating our Open XDR, AI-powered security operations platform with F5’s industry leading WAF engine, Stellar Cyber delivers a new level of aggregated threat analysis, threat hunting and automated remediation for F5 customers,” said Jim O’Hara, Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Stellar Cyber. “Our unified platform with a single data lake for all your data, a single AI engine for advanced detection and correlation, and single interface with hundreds of tightly integrated security tools gives F5 WAF users a more comprehensive view of their security infrastructure.” 

For users drawn to F5 for the rich choice and flexibility enabled by our WAF engine, none of that changes; you still have the freedom to pick the deployment model, platform, and licensing model that works for you. And by closely integrating the F5 WAF engine with the Stellar Cyber platform, we bring you even closer to the goal of operating a single security platform for visibility and remediation across the entirety of your hybrid environment—from on-premises to multi-cloud, to mobile and edge.

When tightly integrated with an enterprise’s F5 WAF infrastructure, the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform supercharges firewall security analysis.

As Security Week has discussed, decision fatigue is a very real problem. When deployed with the F5 WAF, the Stellar Cyber platform helps eliminate fatigue and data overload, enabling IT teams to respond to threats in seconds rather than days or weeks. Open XDR provides pervasive visibility and eliminates potential blind spots by capturing and correlating all types of data, including network traffic, logs, server commands, processes, applications, user information, files, threat intelligence, and more. The solution is full-stack, yet open, extensible, scalable, intelligent, and easy to automate.

All of the Open XDR platform’s tightly integrated security capabilities are accessed through a single, easy-to-use interface. By bringing together security data from networks, endpoints, cloud, and applications into a single platform through sensors, collectors, and log forwarders, Open XDR enables the user to see the entirety of their security infrastructure.

With F5 and Stellar Cyber, enterprise users can more easily remediate security vulnerabilities from a variety of sources. F5 is the industry leader in application security and delivery, and Stellar Cyber is a leading open security operations platform providing high-speed, high-fidelity threat detection across a vast attack surface. By consolidating visibility and analytics across F5’s WAF engine and Stellar Cyber, this joint solution delivers superior protection, 360-degree visibility, high-fidelity detection, and fast remediation throughout global hybrid environments.

To learn more about F5 security solutions and how to protect your applications, visit Application Security Solutions.

In addition, F5 and Stellar Cyber will be the focus of a dedicated session during next week's Agility conference, Improve Security Across the F5 WAF Engine with Better Visibility, Correlation, and Auto-Response. Visit the Agility event page for more details and registration information.

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