Web App and API Protection Solutions

Apps keep your business running. Attackers are disrupting digital experiences for financial gain. F5 can help.

Why Web App and API Protection Matters

Attackers follow the money. In a digital economy, this means targeting web apps and APIs to exploit vulnerabilities and abuse business logic. They compromise customer accounts, leading to large-scale fraud that can devastate your business.

Software exploits are weaponized daily, and motivated cybercriminals can bypass security controls to capitalize on inherent vulnerabilities in critical digital endpoints. Security must protect strategic business outcomes and effectively balance the risk to both the business and the customer, the flexibility to secure the infrastructure that you have (and to adapt when your infrastructure changes), and the ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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How F5 Web App and API Protection Solutions Can Help

F5 security solutions protect apps and APIs across architectures, clouds, and ecosystem integrations to reduce risk and operational complexity while accelerating digital innovation. This protection lets you improve time to market, maximize business potential, and maintain resilience to ensure consistent delivery of secure digital experiences at scale.

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Explore F5 Solutions

Mitigate Application Vulnerabilities

Shield your apps from devastating vulnerability exploits

Protecting your apps against critical risks—such as the threats listed in the OWASP Top 10—requires comprehensive and adaptive security. F5 solutions provide a strategic stopgap against common vulnerabilities like injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) and mitigate emerging risks that target complex software supply chains, third-party integrations, and security misconfigurations across clouds. By operating within modern development paradigms and frameworks, F5 solutions help organizations shift left to secure both the design and implementation of applications.

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Mitigate Bots and Abuse

Deter attackers that use bots and malicious automation to commit ATO and fraud

Just as enterprises embrace automation to gain process efficiencies, attackers leverage bots and automation to scale their attacks, bypass security countermeasures, and compromise customer accounts. F5 solutions maintain resilience and automatically adapt to attacker retooling without relying on strict security controls that frustrate users—ensuring business success and customer satisfaction.

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Secure APIs and Third-Party Integrations

Safely embrace the new digital economy

APIs are the cornerstone of modern applications and allow organizations to quickly integrate new capabilities into their digital experiences. Attackers know it can be challenging to identify and protect these application interdependencies, given that there are upwards of 200 million APIs in use. In fact, more than nine out of 10 enterprises have experienced an API security incident.1 F5 solutions dynamically discover and automatically protect all digital touchpoints with robust and resilient API security.

Continuous API Sprawl: Challenges and Opportunities in an API-Driven Economy

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Protect Against DDoS Attacks

Keep your apps and business running

Organizations of all sizes run the risk of being hit with denial-of-service attacks. The common goal of these attacks is to disrupt performance and availability, but the attacks themselves vary. F5 solutions connect into any architecture to combat blended, multi-vector DoS and DDoS attacks in the deployment model that makes sense for your business.

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2022 State of Application Strategy Report

Identity-based security is on the rise as businesses seek to manage threats without slowing innovation. Find out how this supports a maturing approach to overall security risk management.


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