5 Videos from Sprint 2022 that Reeled Us In

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Marco Martinez
Published January 10, 2023

The oceanic theme at this year’s virtual Sprint conference made for smooth sailing – all the way back to our open source roots. The water was indeed fine, but the ship would never have left the dock without all of the great presentations from our open source team and community. That’s why we want to highlight some of our favorite videos, from discussions around innovative OSS projects to demos involving writing poetry with code. Here, we’ve picked five of our favorites to tide you over until next year’s Sprint.

In addition to the videos below, you can find all the talks, demos, and fireside chats from NGINX Sprint 2022 in the NGINX Sprint 2022 YouTube playlist.

Best Practices for Getting Started with NGINX Open Source

NGINX Open Source is the world’s most popular web server, but also much more – you can configure it as a reverse proxy, load balancer, API gateway, and cache. In this breakout session, Alessandro Fael Garcia, Senior Solutions Engineer for NGINX, simplifies the journey for anyone who’s just getting started with NGINX. Learn multiple best practices including using the official NGINX repo to install NGINX, the importance of knowing your NGINX key commands, and how small adjustments with NGINX directives can improve performance.

For more resources on installing NGINX Open Source, check out our blog and webinar Back to Basics: Installing NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus.

How to Get Started with OpenTelemetry

In cloud‑native architectures, observability is critical for providing insight into application performance. OpenTelemetry has taken observability to the next level with the concept of distributed tracing. As one of the most active projects at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), OpenTelemetry is quickly becoming the standard for instrumentation and collection of observability data. If you can’t already tell, we believe it’s one of the top open source projects to keep on your radar.

In this session, Steve Flanders, Director of Engineering at Splunk, covers the fundamentals of OpenTelemetry and demos how you can start integrating it into your modern app infrastructure.

To learn how NGINX is using OpenTelemetry, read Integrating OpenTelemetry into the Modern Apps Reference Architecture – A Progress Report on our blog.

The Future of Kubernetes Connectivity

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for container management and orchestration. But as organizations deploy Kubernetes in production across multi‑cloud environments, complex challenges often emerge. Processes need to be streamlined so teams can manage connectivity to Kubernetes services from cloud to edge. In this Sprint session, Brian Ehlert, Director of Product Management for NGINX, discusses the history of Kubernetes networking, current trends, and the potential future for providing client access to applications in a shared, multi‑tenant Kubernetes environment.

At NGINX, we recognize the importance of Kubernetes connectivity, which is why we developed a Secure Kubernetes Connectivity solution. With NGINX’s Secure Kubernetes Connectivity you can scale, observe, govern, and secure your Kubernetes apps in production while reducing complexity.

Fun Ways to Script NGINX Using the NGINX Javascript Module

Feeling overwhelmed by all the open source offerings and possibilities? Take a break! In this entertaining talk, Javier Evans, Solutions Engineer for NGINX, guides you through some fun ways to script NGINX Open Source using the NGINX JavaScript module (njs). You’ll learn how to generate QR codes, implement weather‑based authentication (WBA) to compose a unique poem based on the location’s current weather, and more. Creativity abounds and Javier holds nothing back.

New features and improvements are regularly added to njs to make it easier for teams to work and share njs code. Recent updates help make your NGINX config even more modular and reusable.

A Journey Through NGINX and Open Source with Kelsey Hightower

We were beyond excited to have renowned developer advocate Kelsey Hightower join us at Sprint for a deep dive into NGINX Unit, our open source, universal web app server. In a discussion with Rob Whiteley, NGINX Product Group VP and GM, Kelsey emphasizes how one of his primary goals when working with technology is to save time. Using a basic application inside a single container as his demo environment, Kelsey shows how NGINX Unit enables you to write less code. And while Kelsey’s impressed by NGINX Unit, he also offers feedback on how it can improve. We appreciate that, as we are committed to refining and enhancing our open source offerings.

Watch On Demand

Again, thank you for diving into the open source waters with us this year at Sprint! It was a blast and we loved seeing all of your comments, insight, and photos from the virtual booth.

Reminder: You can find all these videos, and more insightful talks, in the NGINX Sprint 2022 YouTube playlist and watch them on demand for free.

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