Application services from code to customer

F5 and NGINX bridge the divide between development and operations with a proven multi-cloud application services portfolio that empowers you to focus on building and deploying scalable, high-performing, and secure apps.


Why did F5 acquire NGINX?

F5 + NGINX is a powerful combination that will serve NetOps and DevOps customers with enterprise-grade services for all applications—traditional and modern—wherever they are built or deployed. The range of services offered through our combined portfolio enable enterprises to deliver better customer experiences, achieve greater agility, and simplify operations.

What makes F5 and NGINX better together?

Together, F5 and NGINX bridge the divide from applications to infrastructure—and from developers to operations teams—for the first time.

  • Our combined solutions provide visibility and capabilities from the application server to application delivery.
  • Together, we bring an unmatched portfolio of solutions for customers in a modern world, while maintaining security, manageability, and reliability.
  • Today’s application companies can now confidently use modern technologies for every app—and the open source community can expect continued contributions from the global leader in application services.

How will F5 support the open source community?

Open source is a core part of F5’s multi-cloud strategy and a driver for the company’s next phase of innovation. F5 is committed to continued innovation and increasing investment in the NGINX open source project to empower NGINX’s thriving user communities.



Bridging the Divide: F5 and NGINX

Bridging the divide

Hear what F5 CEO François Locoh-Donou has to say about the gap between the modern, open-source applications developed in and for the cloud and the traditional, mission-critical applications still housed in the data center.

NGINX products

NGINX offers a suite of products that together form the core of what organizations need to create applications with performance, reliability, security, and scale. 


Simplify your architecture while cutting costs with an all-in-one load balancer, content cache, and web server.

NGINX Controller

Manage load balancers, API gateways, and service mesh deployments at scale across a multi-cloud environment—from a single pane of glass.

NGINX Open Source

Leverage the open source web server that powers 400 million websites.


Lay the foundation for your service mesh with a dynamic app server designed around the needs of your distributed applications.


The architectural divide

F5’s Lori MacVittie has a unique take on bringing together the best of traditional and modern delivery architectures.

NetOps vs. DevOps

Delve into the divide between NetOps and DevOps—and find out how F5 and NGINX help you bridge it—with F5’s Robert Haynes.

Committed to open source

Gus Robertson, general manager of NGINX, discusses NGINX and F5’s continued commitment to open source.