Save the Date for NGINX Sprint: August 23–25, 2021

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Scott De Buitléir
Published July 06, 2020

We know you’ve been patiently waiting since we closed out our first‑ever NGINX Sprint virtual event last September. Today, we’re happy to announce we have liftoff – this year’s NGINX Sprint will take place from August 23–25, 2021. Save your seat now!

NGINX Sprint is a three‑day virtual event that includes keynotes, interactive demos, workshops, and in‑depth training. Better still, it’s completely free. Join us to learn about the latest NGINX news, dive deep into NGINX technologies and solutions, and most importantly, get the opportunity to engage and connect with the rest of our incredible NGINX community.

Modern Apps Are Fueling the Future

The challenges of 2020 proved that application modernization is more critical than ever. We witnessed an incredible shift as people, businesses, and organizations around the world tapped into technology and tools to enable remote workforces, digital learning environments, online and e‑commerce shopping experiences, and other essential services like virtual healthcare. Now, as we head into recovery, it’s clear that delivering modern apps that can adapt dynamically and still delight customers is the best way to prepare for the unknown.

That’s why this year’s NGINX Sprint will focus on helping you build and scale platforms that drive agility, reduce complexity, and deliver robust application performance. Whether you and your team are already developing modern apps and platforms in hybrid environments or are just starting to plan your transformation journey, you’ll come away fully loaded with a deeper understanding of what’s needed to take your apps to warp speed at galactic scale, securely and reliably.

As at last year’s NGINX Sprint, we’ll keep things lightweight, fast, and simple – don’t worry about having to invest more than a few hours of your day.

Here’s what you can expect each day!

Day 1 (August 23): Explore Where We Are and What Lies Ahead

We’ll kick things off with three hours of keynotes, including our vision for building and scaling modern apps, how we’re bringing that to life with our open source tools and commercial products, and customer feature spotlights. You’ll also hear from Google about the future of Kubernetes and from other technology innovators about their journey to modern apps.

We’ll wrap the day up with a live “news desk” hosted by Tech Field Day where technical experts will share their thoughts on the keynote content and answer your questions.

Day 2 (August 24): Tune In for Live Demos and Modernization Observations

We’ll continue with three more hours of compelling demos that highlight how our latest NGINX Open Source innovations and newest partnership integrations enable you to modernize your infrastructure effortlessly. In six live demos, NGINX experts will walk you through a typical modernization journey, from getting started with Kubernetes and mastering microservices to managing apps and APIs at scale to enabling and empowering security teams in a DevOps world. With our live chat feature, you’ll be able to ask questions during the demos.

To end the day, there will be a live interview by Tech Field Day with technical experts who are watching along with you. You can also connect and interact with them during the demos on Twitter and via live chat.

Day 3 (August 25): Learn How to Launch Modern Apps

We know sessions and demos only start to scratch the surface. When it comes to growing your skills and expertise, nothing beats hands‑on experience. That’s why we’re offering five hours of practical training with NGINX experts and two deep‑dive workshops, along with the chance to ask questions directly using our live chat feature. By the end, you’ll know how to set a course towards modernizing your apps and get the most out of your NGINX ecosystem using the world’s most trusted web server, load balancer, API gateway, and Ingress Controller.

Mark Your Calendars and Prepare for Takeoff

Ready to blast off? Make sure you save August 23–25 on your calendar and sign up for free to save your virtual seat to NGINX Sprint 2021.

When you register, we’ll collect just enough information to send you calendar reminders for the sessions you select and save your spot for the training sessions and workshops you want to join.

Remember, we love hearing about what you’re interested in and how we can make your virtual event experience even better, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more updates and we can’t wait to “see” you in August!

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