Welcome to Microservices March!

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Jenn Gile
Published March 01, 2021

Registration is now open for Microservices March 2023. See the agenda and sign up here.

What do you get when two plants kiss?

Tulips! 🌷🌷

In Seattle (where F5 is headquartered), the month of March is a time of growth fueled by our legendary liquid sunshine. It’s with great re‑leaf that we bid farewell to winter and welcome you to “Microservices March”, a month‑long virtual festival of microservices activities. Whether you’re already using Kubernetes in production or your interest is just blossoming, you’re sure to find sessions that will pique your interest. OK, enough with the springy puns – read on to find out what we’ve planned!

Microservices March Schedule

Week 1: Business Benefits Conversation with African Bank, Datadog, and NGINX

Two words are often associated with microservices technologies: agility and complicated. We’ve discussed the drivers before, but there’s nothing quite like hearing from experts who live and breathe these technologies. In this panel, moderated by Chief Ambassador of the DevOps Institute Helen Beal, you’ll hear three different perspectives on the benefits of modern app delivery and how you can avoid – or at least mitigate – many of the complexities. Panelists include:

Watch on demand! Unlock Business Growth with Microservices

Week 2: Back to Basics with the Fundamentals of Microservices

Though microservices technologies power our favorite digital experiences, they’re often a bit of a mystery to even the most technically inclined. In this webinar, our team breaks down concepts into easily digestible pieces and demystifies the key technologies – from containers to service meshes and everything in between.

Watch on demand! Fundamentals of Microservices

Week 3: Customer Interview with Kolby Allen of Zipwhip

Zipwhip uses NGINX in its Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) environment, which not only enabled it to launch new SaaS products but also thrive during 2020. In this webinar, we sit down with Zipwhip’s Principal Architect, Kolby Allen, for a chat about how Zipwhip achieved 99.99% uptime and very happy customers. Whether you’re interested in successful modernization strategies or first‑hand experience with NGINX Ingress Controller, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a preview of our conversation with Kolby:

Watch the full conversation on demand now! Strengthen Security and Traffic Visibility on Amazon EKS with NGINX

Week 4: Improve Visibility in Kubernetes with Prometheus, Grafana, and NGINX

Kubernetes is complex, and the only way to begin to get control is with robust visibility and monitoring. In this livestream, you’ll see microservices experts from NGINX and Grafana show how to improve visibility in Kubernetes by:

  • Leveraging the NGINX dashboard for live monitoring of key load‑balancing and performance metrics
  • Exporting the metrics to Prometheus
  • Creating Grafana dashboards for a cumulative view of performance

Check out this recording of the livestream:

Week 5: Get Resilient Microservices Apps with Advanced Traffic Splitting

When it’s time to move from an old service to a new version, you don’t want to move all your traffic at once in case there are any issues with the new service. That’s why traffic splitting – in canary releases and blue‑green deployments, for example – is a valuable tool for ensuring resiliency.

Learn more in How to Improve Resilience in Kubernetes with Advanced Traffic Management on our blog, and watch this livestream, where our experts:

  • Discuss best practices for microservices traffic management
  • Outline uses cases for traffic splitting at the edge versus within the cluster
  • Give live demos of traffic splitting with NGINX Ingress Controller and NGINX Service Mesh

Check out this recording of the livestream:

Master Microservices with NGINX

NGINX Ingress Controller (based on NGINX Plus) is available for a 30‑day free trial that includes NGINX App Protect to secure your containerized apps. The always‑free NGINX Service Mesh is available for download at

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