Portkey and F5 Collaborate for Intelligent AI Application Delivery

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Mark Menger
Published May 02, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the ability to deploy and manage large language models (LLMs) efficiently, securely, and reliably is paramount for businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve. This is why you should know about Portkey, an innovative AI gateway and observability suite designed to streamline the deployment and monitoring of LLMs.

By partnering with F5, Portkey now offers customers these significant advantages: intelligent traffic management, high availability, and comprehensive observability—all of which are essential for the robust delivery of AI-driven applications.

Real-life scenario

Imagine a chatbot application serving a bustling customer service desk, powered by an array of LLMs, each specializing in different domains and languages. This is where Portkey excels. When an API request hits the system, Portkey’s intelligent routing assesses factors such as the specific capabilities of each LLM and their current performance metrics to direct the request to the most suitable backend. This leads to a swift and precise response.

But what about peak times when requests surge? Here is where F5 Distributed Cloud Services shine. Distributed Cloud Services’ multifaceted approach to networking, security, and application delivery ensures the efficient distribution of traffic across multiple Portkey instances. This not only maintains performance and scalability, even during intense periods of demand, but also leverages advanced API security features to protect the application from potential cyberthreats, making sure that only legitimate and safe traffic reaches the app.

Portkey Opensource AI Gateway sits behind F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP in the path of inbound inquiries and outbound responses to perform intelligent GenAI/LLM traffic management. Customers can subscribe to Portkey Enterprise for analytics and observability.

Automated failover and observability

Let's consider a hiccup—one of the LLM backends hits a snag and becomes unresponsive. Portkey, with its built-in failover mechanisms, promptly detects the issue and seamlessly reroutes the traffic to an alternative LLM, ensuring the chatbot remains operational and responsive.

In parallel, Distributed Cloud Services’ advanced traffic management capabilities facilitate a smooth transition of workloads, safeguarding application availability. In such situations, Portkey's observability suite demonstrates its value by offering real-time insights with logs, metrics, and traces that not only aid in troubleshooting but also provide a snapshot of the application's overall health and efficiency. F5 Distributed Cloud Web App and API Protection (WAAP) features are also at work, maintaining the integrity of data flow and monitoring to protect against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Partnership benefits to mutual customers

The combination of Portkey’s AI-centric features with F5's robust security portfolio exemplifies the future of secure intelligent AI application delivery. The partnership provides a suite of benefits, including intelligent traffic management to ensure the right LLM is always in play, high availability for continuous application operation, automated failover to guard against unexpected backend issues, and comprehensive observability for a detailed view of the system's inner workings. 

Distributed Cloud WAAP security features add an extra layer of protection to this ecosystem, ensuring that AI applications are not only performant and reliable but also vigilant in thwarting the myriad of threats in today's digital environment. For organizations, this means delivering dependable, high-performing AI applications that meet and exceed customer expectations. The insights gained from tracking LLM performance and usage are invaluable for ongoing improvement and business growth.

A collaboration that rocks

The Portkey and F5 partnership underscores the power of collaboration in the tech industry. It paves the way for intelligent AI application delivery at a scale that matches the ambitions of today's enterprises, from emerging startups to established industry players across various sectors such as health and insurance. This alliance is poised to exceed the standards of AI application deployment, offering an unparalleled blend of performance, reliability, and insight, fortified by leading-edge security measures from F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

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