Shut Down Malicious Bots with F5 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Ahmed Dessouki
Published September 05, 2023

Did you know that up to 90% of eCommerce website traffic can actually be from malicious bots, and that losses due to eCommerce fraud are predicted to exceed $48 billion globally in 2023? Bad bots look just like real customers. They’re sneaky, sophisticated, and they attack big and small retailers alike.

Here are clues that retailers can observe to uncover bot issues:

Noticing the Subtle Signs

  • Small increases in chargebacks
  • Upticks in call center volume
  • Bot attacks misperceived as DDoS attacks
  • Teams feel like something is “amiss”

Taking Stock of Obvious Outliers

  • Uptick in web traffic at odd hours or concentrated in unusual geographies
  • Significant increase in account lockouts
  • Call center spikes
  • Surges in fraudulent payments
  • Massive chargebacks

When Your Bot Defenses Fail

Perhaps you have some form of bot defense in place. How do you know if it’s effective? The symptoms can start out small and may not raise the alarm. Perhaps missing telemetry leads to a “not a bot” misdiagnosis. Or maybe you’re seeing a slow-but-sure rise in attacks, which could mean your bot defense efficacy is waning.

More striking signs that your bot defenses are failing include noticeable spikes in web traffic. The frequent need to perform security updates signals that bad actors adapt faster than your existing defenses, rendering them useless. Updates to failing cybersecurity solutions are often ineffective because they either don’t address the fundamental issue of automated attacks, or they can’t keep up with frequent bot retooling.

Malicious bots have numerous ways to wreak havoc on your digital storefronts, such as website outages, checkout abuse, creating fake accounts, gift card cracking, content scraping, credential stuffing, and account takeover. The damaging results for retailers are lost sales, lost trust, and lost customers.

Protect Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Applications with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense for retailers identifies, mitigates, and blocks harmful bot-driven network traffic while elevating the customer experience and reducing friction. It sorts the good traffic from the bad in real time and takes a specified action, such as blocking, redirecting, or flagging the request.

F5 and Salesforce have made the solution easy to get and simple to deploy. It’s available on Salesforce AppExchange and integrates natively into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront. Website owners and developers can improve visibility and protect against credential stuffing, fraud, and other attacks—both simple and advanced—that bypass traditional security controls.

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense provides immediate time to protection and value as validated in the Forrester TEI Report:

  • 40% reduced time spent configuring custom rules and IP deny lists
  • 92% less fraudulent account creation
  • 80% reduced unwanted bot traffic
  • 30% reduced costs from fraud
  • 88% fewer customer support calls

Gain Immediate Value across Your Organization

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense provides value across your organization, from the C-suite, your security and IT teams, to your end users—no more worries about bot-related fines or penalties. Plus, you’re protected right out of the gate, ensuring a great customer experience.

Step Towards a Secure eCommerce Future with Advanced Bot Defense from F5

To learn more about F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, visit our F5-SFCC alliance page.